Pacific Crest Trail
IMG_20140911_133735276 April 24 – Mt. Laguna South
April 25 – Buzzzz
April 26 – 28 ADZPCTKO
Sept 6 – Life And Death In Stehekin
Sept 7 – Lost Love
Sept 8 – Rock Ball
Sept 9 – Shrekerita
Sept 10 – Mr. Woody
Sept 11 – Thirteen



California Mini Bicycle Tour
October 10: Red Revolutions
October 11: Giants Fan Wearing Red Is Confusing
October 12: Wherein Barn Owls Circle With Talons Out
October 13: When Eyebrows Fill With Sweat and it Cascades Into Eyes
October 14: When The Wind Tries To Stop Me
October 15: Not Barfing and Not Finding Water
October 16: Cowbell, Brussel Sprouts and Friends
October 17: Street Cred Is My Stink
October 18: Must Have Air or Bathing Suit Bedtime?
October 19: Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Monterey-Salinas-Watsonville-Santa Cruz Debacle
October 20: More Bus and then Train plus some Bay and Birthday
October 21: From Sunny Bay to Mountain Home


Picture Time
To Etna and Back: A Trail Angel Month
Northern Washington September
California Mini Bicycle Tour

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