CDT Gear List II

CDT Gear List oz. lb. zpacks 52L arc blast with hip belt pockets 18 zpacks 0F wide long bag 27.1 zpacks solplex tent w/stakes in big agnes stuff sac 19 64.1 4.0 thermarest Xtherm long 16.5 gossamer gear 1/8 pad 3.2 gossamer gear polycryo ground cloth 1.4 cocoon pillow 4.1 msr pack towel half 0.7 … More CDT Gear List II

10 Reasons to Go Hiking and Backpacking with an Umbrella

10 Reasons to Go Hiking and Backpacking with an Umbrella Thanks to Francis Tapon for writing this thorough blog on the backpacking umbrella. I’ve had a Golite umbrella (now collectors item) for the last 6 years but haven’t really gone down the path of considering it an essential piece of my gear setup. My main … More 10 Reasons to Go Hiking and Backpacking with an Umbrella


September 11 Mileage 20 Woody Pass mile 2649 to US/Canada Border mile 2660 (+9 to Manning Park) The ground crunches below our feet. The frost heave ice towers crumble under our giant-like strength. Nothing can stop us now. It’s not even a consideration. We savor the morning and the sun, knowing this is really it. … More 13

Mr. Woody

September 10 Mileage 19.25 Harts Pass 2630 to Woody Pass 2649 It’s before dawn and Meander is working to set up his little wood fired stove. Despite the cold we emerge. Frozen hands make the packing up slow. After at least a 3 lb. crap, I finally join the group at the wood stove where … More Mr. Woody


September 9 Mileage 13 Mile 2617 to Harts Pass 2630 We’d heard there was going to be trail magic at Harts Pass. Perhaps we were getting a little hungry or the fond memories of trail magic were moving our legs fast. But before all that we had to climb. Switchbacks. To. Hell. No really, I … More Shrekerita