September 11 Mileage 20 Woody Pass mile 2649 to US/Canada Border mile 2660 (+9 to Manning Park) The ground crunches below our feet. The frost heave ice towers crumble under our giant-like strength. Nothing can stop us now. It’s not even a consideration. We savor the morning and the sun, knowing this is really it. … More 13

Mr. Woody

September 10 Mileage 19.25 Harts Pass 2630 to Woody Pass 2649 It’s before dawn and Meander is working to set up his little wood fired stove. Despite the cold we emerge. Frozen hands make the packing up slow. After at least a 3 lb. crap, I finally join the group at the wood stove where … More Mr. Woody


September 9 Mileage 13 Mile 2617 to Harts Pass 2630 We’d heard there was going to be trail magic at Harts Pass. Perhaps we were getting a little hungry or the fond memories of trail magic were moving our legs fast. But before all that we had to climb. Switchbacks. To. Hell. No really, I … More Shrekerita

Rock Ball

September 8 Mileage 16.25 Mile 2601 to Brush Creek 2617 I again leave first but I haven’t had my breakfast yet so I stop after a mile and chow down. Ok, chow down is an overstatement since my hiker hunger in nonexistent. I eat a bar and and a dried pineapple slice. I’m soon on … More Rock Ball

Lost Love

September 7, 2014 Mileage 16 Bridge camp mile 2585 to Porcupine creek mile 2601 Was the first up and out of camp. Sunshine, Tree Killer, Bramble, Rotisserie and Brian were not too far behind and we met up at the bridge creek bridge. Basking in the sun, I enjoyed my entire Stehekin Bakery cinnamon roll. … More Lost Love

Mile 1506 – Half Way with the Oregon Border in sight

I am currently in the Dunsmuir Library which has all sorts of restrictions on their computers so I am unable to upload any pictures. Since my last post, I have passed the half way point at 1326. A momentous occasion! I’ve covered over 400 miles in the last three weeks and I’m only 200 miles from the … More Mile 1506 – Half Way with the Oregon Border in sight

Skipping Section D

So, I’ve decided to skip section D (Cajon Pass to Agua Dulce) which will put me at trail mile 454. I’m skipping about 100 miles of the trail in order to keep a more favorable schedule and it’s a lot easier for family to drop me in Agua Dulce. But I do not feel disconnected from … More Skipping Section D