Hike for Logo - DefaultIn addition to being able to make a donation to ThyCa here on my website, I’ve also linked up with HikeFor. On HikeFor’s website you can pledge any amount per mile and then pay for the miles that I actually end up hiking after I finish my little Pacific Crest Trail walk from Mexico to Canada.

What is HikeFor?
HikeFor is currently just a website. There’s no team or organization behind it. By summer 2013 it will be registered as a non-profit in the US and Canada.

The inspiration for HikeFor comes from Paul Mitchell “Potential 178”. He built HikeFor in 2010 with the idea that if a bunch of hikers dedicated their hikes collectively to a single worthwhile cause, it could raise funds for something good, give the hikers some added sense of community and some encouragement to finish their hikes. Potential 178 launched the site just a few weeks before hitting the Pacific Crest Trail in 2010 and it’s been upgraded this year to allow hikers to pick whatever cause they want.

One thought on “HikeFor

  1. As a thyroid cancer survivor, I wanted to let you know my family and I will be praying for your journey and wish you all of the best!

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