September 9
Mileage 13
Mile 2617 to Harts Pass 2630

We’d heard there was going to be trail magic at Harts Pass. Perhaps we were getting a little hungry or the fond memories of trail magic were moving our legs fast. But before all that we had to climb. Switchbacks. To. Hell. No really, I love the hell out of switchbacks. Over 2,600 ft. of climbing over 5 miles. No biggie, but my lungs let me know about it. You guessed it, Epic views.

The switchback reward
The switchback reward

Commence crushing. Almost 7 miles to Harts Pass and mostly down hill. And we’re trying to outrun the rain. I almost make it but I finally breakout my pack cover and umbrella. Harts Pass arrival is met with cheers and the bubbling energy of Shrek. Soon Meander arrives with more magic supplies. It appears we’re having Brats, chili and salad for dinner. Damn yeah. And then there are the Shrekeritas that are not for the weak of heart. PBRs, m&ms, warm fire. Everyone knocks off except for me and Tree Killer. Why, as the oldest of our group, are we the only ones still standing? We’re just that fucking tough and committed to making the most out of every moment. Thy sky with bright moon and clouds soon turns to rain. Which turns to sleet. Which turns to snow. Tree Killer and I abort our cowboy camping ideas and setup my tent. Commence crushing. Into a tiny we go about 1 am shivering and knowing this is Life. instagram

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