Day 12: From Sunny Bay to Mountain Home

October 21
Mileage 0
San Francisco to Ukiah

My day starts with the daunting task of fitting my bike into my mom’s already partially full FJ Cruiser. 30+ minutes later, I’ve get everything in there without having to remove my front tire. Success!

Hannah and Coincidence pick me up and then we head to Crissy Field for a walk along the bay. The sun is bright and there are Giants fans everywhere. Even the dogs have on their black and orange. It’s not a Halloween thing. It’s a Giants Baseball in the World Series thing. We’re walking along and then I see some cycle tourists headed towards us. Oh Yeah! It’s Chris and Heather that I’d met at the Sausalito warm showers host. They’ve had a restful week off, got their bikes worked on and got some new gear. They’re headed to Half Moon Bay today.

We squeeze in a little more walking plus an impromptu stop at the Final Final sports bar before I go and pick up my mom. From there we jet home. We’re racing to get there before game one of the world series starts. Having to stop in Ukiah to get my truck makes us miss the first inning. When we finally pull up our mountain driveway, the Giants are ahead 3-0. What a fun game!

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