10s Are All The Rage – Ode To Warmth

You see it all the time – 10 reasons to do this or that, 9 ways to be successful, etc.. We humans sure love to number things. There’s even 7 Great Ways to Poop Outdoors that’s got a great picture of a deer taking a shit. Ok, the deer is probably peeing but whatevs. I suspect this insightful article was not written by a thru-hiker because I bet we’d come up with more than 7 successful pooping scenarios. By the way, pooping is one of the top 3 conversation items on trail. May I have a chuckle please. We love our poop talk sumtin serious. Then there’s the 8 Steps To Become A Badass Day Hiker which is going to take a lot of skill and gear. You might as well just go on a thru hike. Wink. Cosmopolitan even went as far as to list 20 Ways To Have Sex Anywhere.

I’m really not trying to wack on all these numbers because my last post was a re-blog about the 10 Reasons to go Hiking and Backpacking with an Umbrella. And then wouldn’t you know it, a Facebook headline read 10 Ways to Sleep Warmer on Your Next Backpacking Trip. Without hesitation I clicked on the link and read with deep warming interest. Being cold has quite possibly become my greatest trail fear. As I scanned through the article I was glad to see that I had implemented most of their ideas on my own.
The Already Incorporated:

1. Down Booties from Goosefeet

2. A Warmer Sleep System (I’ve upgraded my sleeping pad and bag)

3. Eat Up/Stay Hydrated (bring the stove because it’s time for a hot meal)

4. Stay Dry (umbrella)

Good Reminders:

5. Loft and Down Distribution (shake down into top of bag because heat rises yo!)

6. Exercise (some pre-bed jumping jacks and sleeping bag situps)

7. Wear It (put all your clothes on, like dry rain gear)

8. Campsite Selection (don’t camp next to a river or on top of the mountain)

Things To Ponder:

9. Nalgene Bottle (filled with warm water for the sleeping bag)

10. Insulated Bottle (more for car camping)

Not A Chance shows what happens to you when you're a badass hiker!
Not A Chance flaunts BADASS hiker style!

2 thoughts on “10s Are All The Rage – Ode To Warmth

  1. Us ladies have a metabolism that works a little slower (than males) which corresponds to the rate at which every cell in our body functions. Have you had your thyroid or thyroid synthesizing hormone checked lately? My metabolism and body temp (about 97F) leaves me a very little window before hypothermia kicks in. Ever since I got my Goosefeet botties I’ve been wearing them to bed. So. Damn. Happy.

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