The Teeth Are Ready – 4 Days Until Departure

If I can survive 3 visits to the dentist office in one week, then hiking the CDT is going to be cake. Yep, not my favorite thing but I’m tougher because of it. And every little bit of toughness helps. Had some game changer ($$$$) work done and now the only reason I get to keep my CDT plan is because my parents are bailing me out. Deep debt of GRATITUDE! I don’t have ‘followers’ to foot the bill like some hikers.

Looking past the trauma of my teeth, I’ve had a few smile-making additions to my gear this week!

First, was the arrival of my safety red Backcountry Ninjas long sleeve performance shirt from my dear friend 30 Pack. BCN does customer service right with a hand written note and decorated package!

The first of its kind.....the long sleeve performance
The first of its kind…..the long sleeve performance

Second, my Mouse Works animal hat arrived. I’m a new and very proud The Mouse Works ambassador. This grassroots Virginia mountain company is simply incredible. The kind of philosophy that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside (not to mention the warm and fuzzy on the outside!). The Mouse Works uses recycled fabric, makes their hats by hand, gives the scraps to local school projects, creates these beauties using solar power, makes one small bag of trash in a year and raises bees in their spare time. WORD!

The Mouse Works animal hat. I shall call you Yazhi (my cat whom I’m going to miss so much!) and make you mine. Oh, and I’m in my Lionheart coffee shirt…..

And Third, my cell phone tripod mount is legit. I’ll hook it up to my SticPic which mounts to my trekking pole. Watch out, I just might shoot some video.

Third and final pre-trail gear list coming soon!

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