Day 3: Cross-country Rock Stumble

Start: Old Hachita Ghost Town
Stop: South Uhl creek channel
24ish miles

Our ghost town home for the night.

The coyotes sound the wakeup call at 5:30am and I lay there watching the sky slowly brighten. It’s chilly out as we bush whack back to the trail. We reach water cache 3, eat a quick snack, grab water and head back out.

Lunch is in the shade of a large water tank and the area smells of cow shit. But shade is precious and no one is complaining. The next water cache is 8 miles away. No problem, can crack those right out.

But there is no cranking. The wind has died down so it feels hot for the first time. Add in a little knee pain and rock stumble and the scenery seems to stretch into infinity. The feet are not ready for all these damn rocks and it’s 5pmish before I crawl into water cache 4. Beads and I sit in the shade of the cache box. I drink water and stare off into oblivion.

Are you guessing that we hiked another 6 miles? Yep. A little bit of staring into oblivion does wonders for the body. We walk directly into the sunset until just after 8pm. We find the perfect cowboy camp in a dry creek bed behind a large prickle blocking the wind.

Check instagram for more pics.

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