Day 5: Sun Bake Cake With A Cherry On Top

Start: Lordsburg
Stop: Lordsburg
0 miles

A zero. No miles.

I write journals and post photos all morning. When your face is as red as mine, you can’t go back out there. The sun bake that went down yesterday is unreal. Between the wind and the solar road reflection, my nose looks like a cherry on top of a cake. Gnarly red.

It’s a leisure day of prep the backpack, kick up the feet, sort the food and maps, mail stuff home, get postcard inspired, chat with hikers and stay out of the sun.

5 thoughts on “Day 5: Sun Bake Cake With A Cherry On Top

  1. Hello Lion Heart !
    I wanted to ask you a couple questions about your fantastic adventure. Are you traveling in a group of hikers, in this adventure, or is it more of a solo quest? Also, how many different hikers have you come across attempting the CDT? I imaging there being less through hikers on this trail then the PCT.

    Uncle Phil

    1. Hi Uncle Phil! I’m solo but have hiked all the way so far with one hiker, Beads. There are 200-300 hikers this year! So far I’ve seen about 30 hikers. We head out right now 🙂

  2. Good morning Jen …. Yes indeed find the shade girl and take a rest on with your hikers…. Proud of you Jen and hoping your red nose is better Tom … Love you Aunt Mary …..

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