Day 10: Gila Feet

Start: Goat Canyon
Stop: Hwy 15/Doc Campbell’s Post
20 miles
Total miles: 186

Overnight sprinkles leave the tent wet but luckily it’s not raining when we wake. Sunny skies soon darken as we drop 5 miles to the Gila River. Beads and I both are not thrilled at the idea of hiking in water all day. Just before 10am we reluctantly forge into the water.

We literally work our way from one side of the river channel to the other. Feet soaking wet from the crossings as we sometimes bush whack and sometimes find trail. I fart periodically to scare away the wild javalinas. This goes on all day as thunderstorm after thunderstorm rolls through. At one point the wind starts to howl as it rips through the canyon and it feels like we’ve been transported to another world. Watch the video here. If the camera had still been rolling, you would have seen me chase after my hat, almost break phone grabbing for hat, chase hat again, run for cover under trees, Beads pointing out that my pack cover has blown off and is caught in some barbed wire fence. Damn. It is over as fast as it started.

15 river miles in 9 hours. Hell yeah! It’s quite the work out pushing through the current of every single crossing. And my calluses were just getting prefect. Oh well. They don’t call this embrace the brutality for no reason.



2 thoughts on “Day 10: Gila Feet

  1. Sounds like that was a tough day. We’ve been thinking about you both…and maybe envying you a bit. 😉 g and Aadi

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