Day 13: Right Of Passage

Start: past flying v canyon
Stop: bursum and eckle canyon roads
Miles: 20.2
Total miles: 238.2

I believe that hiking up the Gila River is quite an accomplishment. A test of strength and endurance. I awake to partially frozen socks and shoes which is like the cherry on the top of this challenge cake. I didn’t think it would get below freezing but at 6am my little thermometer reads below 32F. I thaw my socks and gaiters against my warm body while I get ready to pack up my gear. I save the ice cold socks and shoes for last. The first shoe, which was closest to me just outside my tent, goes on without too much trouble. The second shoe is frozen pretty good and I can barely move the laces. After a couple attempts I can’t get my foot in. Beads helps me wonk on it to try to get it more malleable. She even offers to pee on it for me. Once my shoes are on my feet we do the jumping jack game. We run out of breath before our feet get warm.

And you know it. We hike just a little ways before having to cross the bone-chilling river. At least my shoe isn’t frozen anyone. We finally make the end of the river section at Snow Lake. We celebrate by getting our shoes mostly dry during lunch.

After lunch is a canyon scramble followed by dirt roads. And now that we’ve left the Gila, we load up with water. My legs and feet ache so bad.


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