Day 28: The Snowy Otherworld

May 22
Start: Cuba, NM
Stop: near hwy 96
27 miles
Total miles: 510

The room did not flood and the feet are in the puddles along the roadway by 6 am. An hour later I remember a few more things that I want my parents to send in my next resupply box. So I call my poor parents at 6 am their time. I of course wake them up and my mom takes more notes. I say goodbye and a few steps later I lose cell service.

The climb to Los Pinos Trailhead is a muddy one. A good old fashioned slip and slide. Past the trailhead, the trail turns into a creek which then just turns into snow. And it’s an over 3,000 ft. climb pushing up near an elevation of 10,600 ft. 3 miles in 2 hours. And then another 7 miles in 5 hours. The trail is either snow or flowing snow melt. I posthole often and the amount of work it takes to get through this stuff is tremendous.

Luckily the sun is out when my grumbling stomach orders me to stop. It’s a short break where I sit on a nice log and contemplate my freezing feet. Soon I’m headed down the other side of the mountain where there is a massive blow down section. More slow going. I find a Golite umbrella and add it to my collection.

I happen upon a lovely spring and take a short break. No sign of Beads since after 11 am. I push on until just after 8 pm where I find a nice cow pie campsite. Sprinkles flit from the sky so it’s good timing. My first night alone in 500 miles.


2 thoughts on “Day 28: The Snowy Otherworld

  1. Dear Warrior Daughter, Hope you find the re-supply box according to your specifications. Kind of like being on a scavenger hunt finding everything. I think I have an idea now of what a carabeaner (sp?)is.I must be the only person in the Western world who isn’t familiar with the terminology, sorry. Your warmer attire won’t arrive soon enough it seems. Enjoy the Georgia O’Keefe world for me too. Hugs and angel hugs, MOM

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