Day 39: THE Resupply

June 2
Start/Stop: Pagosa Springs
0 miles

The way to get snow experience is to go out in the snow. PCT snow was easy, compacted. Stuff that was doable without microspikes or ice axe even on an average year. But this CO stuff is fresh and fluffy and just waiting to gobble you whole. Run your ass down a long valley, swallow your leg in a posthole.

So of course there is fear. Fear of the cold. Fear of falling. Fear of exhaustion. Fear that the group will grow weary of my slow pace. I can only hope that with so much fear the rewards will rise above all other moments. The hikers that have been rolling in have been exhausted and sun baked. Saying that it was gnarly and the hardest hiking they’ve ever done. But also the most incredible.

After some leisure time at the Pagosa Baking Co., we reach a moment of seriousness that Serena Williams has not yet witnessed. Resupply. Buying 5 days of food for 70 miles. It doesn’t seem like much but it will be cold and we will be working hard. Our gear-laden packs will be heavy.

Just a little resupply!

Taco Bell. A sad 4% IPA. Boulder Golden. Pitch Perfect quotes. Pizza. Tomorrow travel plans. Laughter. Call home. Sleep.

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