July 1
Santa Fe, NM

I sleep in because REI doesn’t open until 10am. I walk by the newly renovated area along the tracks. Shops and restaurants are interspersed with train stops. I make my REI purchases, pick up the spot my parents have gotten me.

Next I catch the Santa Fe free bus and I take the tour. The highlight is Canyon Road, up which I slowly stroll. The road is narrow and full of galleries but some of the buildings are old and beautiful. They can tell many stories. Next stop is historic plaza where I talk to Trinnie who is selling pueblo jewelry. Her grandmother’s grandmother sold jewelry on this plaza. She tells me how they work the raw stones and cut the shells, how her son does the silversmithing. I buy a pair of earrings because during my travels yesterday, a silver hoop went missing. It’s probably at LAX. I’m so damn tired of loosing shit.

I don’t stay long near the plaza because it’s too touristy for me. I take the free bus back to where I started and head over to Second St. Brewery. It’s early enough in the afternoon that the older locals are hanging out. Everyone is on a first name basis here. They tell me about what Santa Fe used to be like. Now it’s too expensive and they live outside of town. We get talking the trail and everyone has questions, even Bo the bartender. Some free beers come my way. As the world cup soccer game starts, the younger crowd rolls in and they just talk drama. I’m tired of trying not to listen to them and head out. Nice serenade on the way home.

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