July 4
Start: Alamosa
Stop: Denver

The Amtrak bus arrives at 6 am and because my reservation is last minute I have to pay the driver directly. I was told that they accept credit cards but of course this turns out not to be the case. I have $33 cash for a $39 ride. The bus driver says that’ll do. I thank her profusely. At a gas station stop I attempt to purchase an organic protein drink. The bus is leaving. The attendant is having trouble completing my transaction so I say I won’t be able to get the drink. She tells me just to take it.

The bus comes into Union Station and without even trying I find Wynkoop Brewing. They’ve got awesome beer and food. It’s a short walk to my hotel where they comp me breakfast for the next morning. The skies turn dark and furry falls from them. No fire works for me. I’m tired and I go to bed early.

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