Quotes Heard ‘Round The Train

July 6
California Zephyr Amtrak

I got fidgety fucker in front of me. I got sings-out-loud across the aisle to my right. I got the Colorado River to my left. And I got random quote maker behind me.

Seeing a bald eagle makes my day.

And now for the quotes:
“I had a bad flash.”
“I hit my head on that every time.”
“Don’t mash my stuff in there.”
“He doesn’t want to buy me a dishwasher. I didn’t hear the end of it.”
“Switchbacks. I didn’t know it but I like it.”
“I have the coolest bag.”
“Gosh I miss fishing.”
“I have this scratchy throat.”
“I have enough clothes to layer.”
“I feel like I’m gliding.”
“What do you think about my swim spa idea? With the ropey-hangy thingy.”
“There’s all sorts of bear dens in these here rocks.”
“The only reason I watch the Kardashians is because of the clothing.”
“Shoshone. That’s Indian.”


3 thoughts on “Quotes Heard ‘Round The Train

  1. I love your descriptions with your writings …. And you . B safe Niece . Glad you’re back at it., I can’t wait to hear about it and soon…. Aunt Mare

  2. Huge thanks for your wonderful photos and writings! And for your tremendous efforts and accomplishments, of lasting help for people everywhere for thyroid cancer awareness, early detection, and fundraising helping ThyCa’s services. It’s great for everyone to have the inspiration of what you have accomplished as a thyroid cancer survivor! Congratulations!

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