2016 PCT Section Hiker Gear List

Spring is in the air. The black-headed grosbeaks, acorn woodpeckers, and hummingbirds are just returning. Madrone blossoms rain down, looking like patches of snow. Allergy goo flows from the nose. The newborn black-tailed fawns prance through the front yard following their cautious mother. The garden weeds are joyfully excommunicated. Evasive maneuvers are used dodging the numerous and erratic-driving marijuana garden-starters on my drive to and from work. Bees are hard at work in the berry patch. Bird song volume and blossom fragrance grows daily. Forest hues are turning a vibrant, new-growth green. Spring. It’s a special time.


Ruby-D helping in the garden

And now, time for a gear list. Maybe it’s the scientist in me or my love of scheming but I just can’t help myself. The cataloging of gear and its weight brings a certain kind of joy. It’s like a game where I try to find the lightest possible solution. Simply, planning and calculating is fun shit. Some people knock having a low base weight but my joints thank me. And who needs more of a reason than that? Fingers crossed that my foot will cooperate and I actually get to put this gear list into action.

for PCT miles 652-1504
early June through mid-July

PCT 2016 oz. lb.
zpacks 52L arc blast with hip belt pockets 18
zpacks 0F wide long bag 27.1
big agnes platinum fly creek UL1 + GG polycryo sheet, 30 oz.
OR zpacks solplex, 19 oz. 19
64.1 4.0
thermarest prolite small 11
gossamer gear 1/8 pad 3.2
msr pack towel half 0.7
toilet kit:
(snow stake, tp, hand sanitizer, wipes, powder) 3
(ibuprofen, anti-diarrhea, anti-hist, vicodin, thyroid hormone, calcium) 5
ziplock wallet 1
trash compator bag/paint strainer stuff sacs 2
cocoon pillow 4
2 1L smart water bottles 2.8
2 cup (16 oz) ziploc twist container 1.4
2L platypus 1
first aid/sewing/repair kit:
(bandaid, needle, ray way thread, air mattress patch, toenail clips, qtip, leukotape, tenacious tape) 1.5
sweet water purification drops 0.8
whistle/thermometer multi 0.9
swiss army manager knife 1
emergency fire kit 0.5
zpacks pack cover 1.4
toothbrush/floss/paste 1
sunscreen/hibiclens/lotion/essential oils 2.8
s2s headnet 1
spoon 0.5
bv500, 40 oz.
46.5 2.9
icebreaker long john bottom (for sleeping only) 5.5
icebreaker long john top (for sleeping only) 5.6
injinji socks 1.6
jockey underwear 1.5
buff/beanie 1
mh hooded ghost whisper down jacket 8.5
or helium ii rain jacket 6.5
mountain hardware gloves 1.2
rei skirt (for town) 7.5
patagonia tank top (for town) 3.2
42.1 2.6
droid turbo cell phone w/ case 7.6
anker 2nd gen astro 6700mHa 4.8
chargers/cords/headphones 3.5
ipod nano 1
petzl headlamp 3
19.9 1.2
total 172.6 10.8
clothing worn:
prana zion stretch pants
rei northway plaid shirt
jockey underwear
icebreaker bra
injinji socks
dirty girl gaiters
leki trekking poles
diamond bling sunglasses
keen voyageur shoes

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