Day 11: A Cinco de Mayo Zero

Friday, May 5
Start: Idyllwild
Stop: Idyllwild
0 miles

I’m awake early but manage to fall back asleep after listening to the squirels do their laps around the trees outside. Yoobie, Pacer and I eventually go get breakfast at the Red Kettle but out meal is rather blah. Back at our cabin I start to work through instagram and blog posts. Just after noon I remind everyone about the margarita mixings I bought last night. Gramps proceeds to fix margaritas for everyone except me. The group waits to toast as I fix my own margarita.

I eventually go to the post office for my resupply box that Lil’ Buddha sent. Thank you Lil’ Buddha extraordinaire! Unfortunately, my Amazon shorts have not arrived even though that were suppose to be here two days ago. I spend what must have been hours trying to sort the situation out including making a second trip to the post office. 

Dinner is a long walk to La Casita where we share Mexican food, margaritas and laughs. On the hike back, I connect with Scissors and hear about her trip into Idyllwild. 

Zamboni Margaritas

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