Day 15: Cougar

Sunday, May 21
Start: Big Bear Lake
Stop: Holcolm Creek, mile 286.76
11.04 Miles

I didn’t sleep well and I feel even worse this morning. I do manage to get a little sleep after 6am but it’s brief. The Best Western has a killer breakfast of meat and cheese omelet, potatoes and waffles plus all the other amenities. After breakfast I go to Walgreens to get some drugs for my allwrgy-ashtray-induced cold.

We reluctantly roll out around noon and wait 40 mintues for a taxi to arrive. The 2.7 mile ride costs us $20 and the driver is chatty and annoying and full of excuses. We climb the two miles up the Cougar Crest Trail to the PCT. And then it’s cruiser miles and the temps are perfect. It’s warm out but not too hot. Lil’ Buddha remarks that he’s never been in this section before when it wasn’t storming on him so this is a welcome change.

Looking back at Big Bear Lake
This area still looks severely burnt

We cruise into camp early. No need to kill ourselves on the first day. We get cold water from the nearby Holcomb Creek. On my way back I see what I think are giant cougar tracks in the road but I can’t be sure. It’s probably a frequently used path for animals to get water. Our twinsie tents are tucked in next to each other under the flight path into LA.

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