Day 18: Blown Into Cajon

Wednesday, May 24
Start: Grass Valley Creek
Stop: Cajon Pass Best Western
25 miles

I’m determined to get an early start so I’m on trail by 5am.  It was another restless night but at least I’m feeling better than yesterday. I crush 11 miles by 9am. I allow myself a one hour break before I start on the climb out of Silverwood Lake.

Early morning sun on the San Gabriels
Headed around Silverwood Lake

All day I’ve been diligent about drinking electrolyte water and so I feel good and strong up the climb. That’s 15 miles by noon. The wind picks up and a few clouds cover the sun. Turns out it is my lucky day.

The wind is strong but at least it’s keeping me cooler. The sun peaks out and reminds me how hot it could be. About 4 miles before Cajon I send Cherub, my dear friend from PCT 2013, a What’sApp message. Tomorrow she starts her Unogwaja Challenge. For almost a year she’s been raising money and training for Unogwaja. She’s been raising money for the “lights” of South Africa – people who despite innuerable challenges, keep working towards and spreading a positive light for their community and country. Starting May 25, Cherub will embark on a 10 day 1677km/ 1042mi cycle followed by a 89km/56 mi ultramarathon on the 11th day. The word badass is coming to mind, right?! The Comrades Marathon – the world’s largest and oldest ultramarathon – is a day when the whole of South Africa stops to share in the spirit of camaraderie, selflessness, dedication, perseverence, and ubuntu. 

For more details:
Langa – Day 0 (example of fundraising beneficiaries)

Unogwaja Day One Video

Mile 338 view

The wind rips me to and fro, and drags me into Cajon Junction just after 4pm. I head over to the Best Western where Lil’ Buddha has already gotten a room. With shower beer in hand, I wash away the layers of dirt before enjoying a Del Taco dinner.

You get to walk under this one
McDonalds, .4 mile detour

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