Day 21: Wrightwood Feast

Saturday, May 27
Start: mile 356.25
Stop: Wrightwood
10 miles

It feels like a leisurely morning because there’s only a few miles into town. But as much as I want to engage town legs, it is not possible because of the elevation. We’ve climbed to over 8000 ft. and I’m puffing a bit. As the sun set last night, the marine layer moved into the valley below us and it is now providing spectacular views this morning. 

I find a bigcone douglas-fir cone!

We hit the Acorn Trail and drop quickly into the outskirts of Wrightwood. A hiker is getting dropped off at the trailhead and driver Chris offers is a ride into town. We get a tour of the memorial day weekend yard sales. Apparently everyone flocks to Wrightwood on memorial day weekend for the yard sales and all rules of the road are off.

Breakfast is an absolute feast at the Grizzly. Then we do a little resupply at Jensens grocery followed by a trip to the library. I go to Wrightwood Brewery and have a pretty terribly IPA. I find Lil’ Buddha at a trail angel’s house where we can spend the night. We relax all afternoon before getting some Mile High pizza for dinner. It’s still the best pizza on the whole trail and I forgot to take a picture.

$10.99 at the Grizzly!

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