Chilkoot Trail Day 5: A Canada Day Welcome At Bennett Lake

Sunday, July 1, 2018
Start: Lindeman City
Stop: Skagway via Bennett
7 Miles

I hear Phil get up super early but laze around for a bit longer. We still hit the trail super early but with a little spring in our step. 1. We’re on the lookout for Mr. Bear and 2. We get to ride a train to a shower and a celebratory beer today. We arrive at Bare Loon Lake and take a short break. There’s camping platforms along the lake’s stunning edge and the outhouse has a pretty nice view too. The big billowy clouds reflect off the water and almost make the scenery look black and white.

We zip down trail as I search for any rocks of interest. After a short break we drag through the sand into Bennett. It’s Canada Day and the park rangers are out in full force. They greet us with tiny Canadian flag pins as we check out the original church built during the stampede. The wood structure is truly a historical treasure and the building is heavily rigged with water hoses in the event of fire.



dsc00639 - copy257484192640538755..jpg

We’ve got a few hours before the train arrives so we check out Bennett, play a rope toss game and meet Parka, the official Canadian Parks mascot. A White Pass & Yukon train pulls in and tourists pour out from every exit decked out in their official Canadian gear. There’s tours for the adults and activities for the kids. We hikers get to cash in on their free Chilkoot magnet and pin giveaways. To top it all off, we even get a mini cupcake topped with Canadian maple leaf sprinkles. The tourist train departs and our train to Skagway soon rolls in. The hikers get their own separate car, probably because we stink, and then they pass out the box lunches for those who purchased them ahead of time. It wets the appetite for town food.

dsc00704 - copy7696647047441708867..jpg

Our train heads toward the coast and I stand outside most of the time. We have to stop awhile at the border for all of us to get approved entry into back into the United States. The scenery is stunning all the way back to Skagway.