And I Become An International Flyer

Wednesday, November 28
Start: Smart’s Mountain
Stop: Thursday, November 29
Munich, Germany

The plane taxies like forever and forever. This big mother takes a lot of runway. But eventually, amid car wash mode aka it’s raining a fuck ton, we slowly but surely pull away from terra firma. It’s turbulence central. We get tossed around like rag dolls for about the next half hour as we bounce through the rain clouds.

Then it’s movie time. Then it’s whole can German beer time. Then it’s cracker time. Not like I’m cracker white but actual crackers. Then it’s pasta time. When your choices are pasta or turkey, you choose pasta on a plane right?

Today I was blessed with a free airport cart to haul luggage and then I’m blessed with no one sitting next to me. The only concern is the smoker-wheeze hacker behind me. But so far so good. She only coughs up her lung occasionally.

The pasta arrives and this hungry hiker is happy. They bring another can of German beer which blows my mind. How long will this go on? I mean, I had no idea there would be snacks and beer and dinner. I figured they planned these flight so late so they didn’t have to feed us anything. Sometimes it’s awfully fun to be naive. Sometimes not. Then there’s brownie desert and coffee.

I’ve got these new headphones and they cancel out the airplane noise and they are the shit. OMG, it’s amazing!!! If you have not given yourself this gift, you simply must.

Thursday, November 29
Start: Munich Airport
Stop: November 30 in Cape Town, South Africa

My flight arrives in Munich slightly behind schedule so I don’t have much time to find the next gate. It would have been nice to have a bit more time to freshen up. We board and this plane is much smaller. There’s a person next to me and the whole scene is much sadder than the last. I got spoiled with the side bins next to my seat on the last flight. This time I have all my stuff at my feet which is a constant moving game to change the position of my feet. I watch the elaborate procedure of de-icing the wings before take off which is quite impressive. That shit had got to be toxic! I wish I could sleep but it’s just not possible in such cramped quarters. So I watch movies. Game Night, Leave No Trace, Florence Foster Jenkins, and another I can’t seem to remember.

Like I mentioned, thank god for my noise-canceling head phones. There was only like 4 screaming kids on this plane just a few rows in front of me. Sadly, it was dark out and I couldn’t see the scenery. There was one last flash of city lights and then it went dark as we crossed the Sahara Desert. After dozing off for a bit I looked out my window and saw some flashing. At first I thought it was the wing lights but then I realized it was lightning. I check our flight map and I can see that the plane has diverted slightly to the East to avoid the thunderstorm. The flashes of light splay across the sky and it’s simply stunning. There’s a few more hours of darkness before the sun starts to brighten the sky. Lufthansa dinners are pretty decent. But their breakfasts are questionable. The egg whatever is simply gross. I tried a few bites yesterday morning but can’t muster the courage this morning. So I only eat the yogurt and bread.

I was cursing myself for sitting on the wrong side of the plane but then it pulls a u-turn and approaches Cape Town from the South. I have the most perfect view of CT, Table Mountain, Robben Island. Luckily all my luggage shows up, I get a South African stamp in my passport and then I Uber to Cherub’s house. She is out of town on business but her sister’s fiancee Dylan is there to let me in. Yeah!