Mile 2402

Sorry for such a delay in posts, but this the first computer in a long time. I am at Snoqualmie Pass, only 258 miles from the Canadian border! Much has happened since northern California. Sunny days, rainy days, beer days. The weather looks a bit bleak here in Washington but there is no turning back now. For reasons unknown, I am unable to load pictures at this computer also.

Since my last post I had to spend 5 days in Etna with an infection on my wrist. I crossed the California/Oregon border on August 14th. I crossed Oregon in about 3 weeks having rain at least 5 of the days. I had an amazing time at Crater Lake with family John and Joyce, the full moon and the following epic sunrise! Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood was awesome with the fog blowing in, birds flitting from the trail and camping on its flanks.

Goat Rocks in Washington was again spectacular. Hard to put it into words. The rain seems to have settled in here which makes travel and keeping gear dry difficult. I arrived at Snoqualmie Pass after two nights of rain with my fly and tent fairly well soaked. Last night I did have dry clothes and a warm sleeping bag to get into which was good.

Stay posted….I hope to make the border in about two weeks!

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