Lake Morena Campground

Sunny Friday turned into torrential downpour and high winds. Many times during the night I awoke inside my tent and held up my hands with the hopes that my tent would not collapse. I awoke to a cold freezing day but at least me and my gear were dry. Others had not fared so well and there were trips planned for the laundry mat to dry out gear. I was having a Washington September flashback in the middle of California desert. The weather could not dampen our spirits and it was a great reunion!

Class of 2013!
Class of 2009!
Movie time

IMG_20140426_142323071 IMG_20140427_075604066_HDR IMG_20140427_133417964 IMG_20140427_134048282

One thought on “ADZPCTKO 2014

  1. interesting you should mention the Anna’s hummingbird….almost like my precious Anne…. I refill my hummingbird feeder about once a week….. They are the star bird in the backyard…..

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