Life And Death In Stehekin

September 6, 2014
Mileage 5
Stehekin mile 2580 to Bridge Creek Camp mile 2585

You know, you can’t have it all. The weather is perfect. Sunny, warm, sparkling lake, fresh mountain air, tall reaching mountains. And I have allergies? Whatever. Screw you Washington. But all that doesn’t even matter because today, a woman in her 40’s who was celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband, died of a heart attack in front of the Stehekin Bakery. I could make some lame joke that the bakery’s that good but I won’t. Bottom line here – life is short so don’t fucking waste it. I guess Stehekin wouldn’t be too bad a place to check out.

Despite the 4 hour ferry ride from Chelan to Stehekin, I really could have spent more time just lounging at the lakes edge. But in no time we rushed off to the bakery in search of sugary wonder. Glaze dripping cinnamon roles, cookies, muffins, pizza, croissants, pies, and what turned out to be my favorite, espresso almond ice cream with a shot of espresso on top. Dope. Except that the caffeine might kick in here any minute and I’ll lie awake all night. Like I said, life is short.

The Stehekin Bakery
The Stehekin Bakery

Hit the trail at 6:30pm. Time to climb. Oh and let’s hike 5 miles. Never mind that were not in trail shape and that we haven’t hiked the previous 2,580 miles and that the sun sets just before 8 pm. Roll into camp after darkness falls because well, that’s how we roll. Because we’re PCT hikers and we’re the shit. We’re really not that egotistical but leaving a trailhead after 6 pm and hiking 5 miles doesn’t seem out of the ordinary or unrealistic. Averaging 2.5 mph in this fat body is not so bad I think to myself.

Rushing creek, bright moon, animal scampering through the brush next to my tent, the loo door creaking, rustling thru-hiker plastic, friends, laughter. This is Life.

See Instagram for pics.

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