Lost Love

September 7, 2014
Mileage 16
Bridge camp mile 2585 to Porcupine creek mile 2601

Was the first up and out of camp. Sunshine, Tree Killer, Bramble, Rotisserie and Brian were not too far behind and we met up at the bridge creek bridge. Basking in the sun, I enjoyed my entire Stehekin Bakery cinnamon roll. Damn that was good. Epic damn. Epic good. Simply Epic.

We rolled into the perfect lunch spot next to a cool river. The direction to head was clear because the trail junction was marked with a large arrow atop our recent acquisition, Cowboy Love. We stuffed the book in Bramble’s pack yesterday and then she found it this morning. When Bramble rolled in, about 5 minutes after me, she swore up and down that she didn’t have the book. I just figured she was shitting us and didn’t want to pick it up. Tree Killer couldn’t take the suspense and went back to look for it. Sure enough the book was gone. The only possible culprit was another thru hiker that we had just passed.

Washington bridges
Washington bridges

Bullets of sweat rained down on the approach to Rainy Pass trail magic. So maybe that’s where it gets its name. Not! Trail magic PBR from 2014er Sockpot. I had met him in Etna so it was fun to see him. Also there living the dream was Tracker who I met at Shroomer’s hiker party back in March. Turns out the hiker that got our romance book was telling them how he’d just finished his book when he happened upon this new one. He neglected to tell them off its lusty nature.

A few more miles, campfire, storytime with Tree Killer reading his journal from last year, since our Love book got stolen. But when all romance hopes were lost, Tree Killer pulled out his kindle with 50 shades of grey. More funny than the ridiculously corny romance was Tree Killer’s romance reading voice. Endless laughter ensued.


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