Day 7: The Crows of Burro Peak

Start: hwy 90 at mile 108
Stop: stealth camp on 90
25 miles
Total: 133

It’s a leisurely start. 7am. It’s going to be an easy day.  But within the first half mile, I’m so engrossed in my snickers bar that I miss the road/trail junction. I go at least a half mile round trip to return to the trail and get back on track. The miles roll and if angel Gretchen wasn’t at the next trailhead we’d have to get some mucky trough water to drink. Beads and I are gifted Gatorade and water. Gretchen and Addy are true angels!

A leisurely lunch only gets us a brain bake on the climb to Jack’s and Burro Peaks. The salt layer that’s forms over my whole body could feed a small country. That’s code for the climb was tough as hell. As we crest Burro Peak, over 8000 ft., there are literally like 20 crows that swoop and follow us down the mountain.

The Deadman drainage drops us to the Tyron road which leads 4.5 miles to hwy 90. I get run off the dirt road by a redneck going at least 60 mph. Despite me waving my trekking poles, he looks at me and floors it. Asshole! Tomorrow is going to be bakin’ hot so making as many miles on hwy 90 is important. Yes, 12 ridiculous road miles to Silver City. I cover 3 miles before darkness tells me to seek my nighttime shelter. I find a decent spot not far from the road behind a good set of bushes. The thunder clouds eventually dissipate and the moon shines brightly.


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