Day 8: Tour Of The Gila and Little Toad Creek Brews

Start: somewhere along hwy 90
Stop: Silver City
7 miles
Total: 140

What can I say?

Got up before cars could see my stealth camp.
Road walked.
Found Beads, Addy and Gretchen and had breakfast.
Checked into Motel 6.
Explored Silver City.
Spent 8 hours at the Little Toad Creek Brewery and met up with friends.
Watched the spandex cyclists of the Tour of the Gila.
All that equals dead Tired.


3 thoughts on “Day 8: Tour Of The Gila and Little Toad Creek Brews

  1. Jen – I think I told you the story of my visit to Silvercity back in about 1966. I car camped in a remote place and drove into an area full of puncture vine. I ruined a tire and was able to replace it with a used tire – all I could afford – at a gas station in Silvercity. – Dad

  2. Hey Jen.,

    Silver City and 140 miles in seven days ., amazing you are. Enjoy a lil rest on here. 😜I bet those beers tasted dam good ha . 😎Proud of you Jen ….

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