Day 17: The Pie Came First

May 11
Start: Pie Town Toaster House
Stop: Pie Town Toaster House
0 miles – “a zero”
Total miles: 302.7

I awake early and make use of the free Wi-Fi at the rv lot. I’m glued to my phone as I upload the last six days of journals plus instagram pics. The sun slowly rises and warms my bare legs.

Back in the day, some notorious pies were created here. People came in droves for the pie. And so it was called pie town. The pie perfection continues to follow tradition.

The day begins to slip away but nothing really slips. Breakfast at the local cafe, more rv Wi-Fi, postcards, hiker chat, beer, food sort, mp3 player research, water report update.

What really seals the zero today is the community dinner honoring the warrior hikers. All hikers are welcome and there is local elk spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and of course pie. Thank you Pie Town community for being so amazing! And then I go back to the Toaster House and there’s a spider in my bed.

Lots of new pics on Instagram


One thought on “Day 17: The Pie Came First

  1. Sweet Daughter,
    How my heart rejoiced to see the most personalized Mother’s Day card ever!!! I knew you were in a (no-man’s land) Wi-Fi area so the joy was multiplied by the complete surprise. You ARE the best! Thanks for the tears in my eyes. hugs and angel hugs, MOM

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