Day 18: The Long Road

May 12
Start: Pie Town
Stop: Armijo Canyon trailhead
29 Miles
Total miles: 332

We roll out about 7:30 am and hit the road. Pavement soon turns to dirt. I see my first pronghorn antelope. Beads tells stories from Saint Kits which helps the morning hours pass. Just after 1 pm and at nearly the 16 mile mark for the day, we arrive at Thomas Mountain Ranch. The next two hours are a vortex of stories told by John and Annie. The sweetest people you’ll ever meet who help CDT hikers by providing water and sometimes a place to sleep.

It’s more road as the afternoon ticks by. 6:30 pm has us reaching our next water source and deciding to push some more miles. The wind had really picked up and we’re trying to hike until we hit the mountains (with trees for blocking the wind). The Thomas’ roll up in their van to let us know that a hiker behind us has one of our wallets. I do a brief check and don’t see mine so it’s probably me. Just before 9 pm we hit a trailhead and decide to camp. Hiker Wall is here with us tonight too and he’s got lots of adventure stories.

Beads and Burly at Thomas Mountain

5 thoughts on “Day 18: The Long Road

  1. Jennifer, Oh, bless the trail angels sent from heaven. One of my favorite lines – you can’t make this stuff up. Can hardly wait to hear the happy ending to this tale. hugs and angel hugs, MOM

  2. Hey niece ….. Well look at you 👀over three hundred and thirty miles in eighteen days. Yep you’re amazing…. 💪🏻Yes hooray for the trail angels in between . Stay safe B well… ❤️😅👌👣😍 Aunt Mary

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