Day 23: Mt. Taylor Flank

May 17
Start: Grants
Stop: Near Spud Patch Canyon
30 miles
Total miles: 407

Beads and I manage to get out of the motel by 6:30 am. On our way out of town an old man asks us where he can get a drink. Now mind you, it’s 7 am on a Sunday. We crush 6 miles of road walking before we get to the trailhead. I happily enjoy my 510 calorie generic honey bun. The guys Lint, Patches and Shane catch us there and soon they are gone. I probably will never see them again because they are so fast.

I push through break time and get 17 miles by 1 pm. During the climb I can still hear the rumble of the never ending trains that clack through Grants.

The afternoon feels like a search for water although I’m not really looking. I get off trail slightly at one point and I arrive at an established port-o-let. And yes I make use of it. I have to push 9 miles before coming to the awesome Ojo Spring at 6 pm. After another 3 miles we clear the cow patties from a flat spot and call it home.


2 thoughts on “Day 23: Mt. Taylor Flank

  1. Jennifer, Thank you for the breathtaking photo!!! Um, um, um. I’m particularly grateful to have internet services after several days – just in time to receive your wonderful journal entries. Thank you, hugs and angel hugs, MOM

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