Day 22: Scab Snack

Start: Grants
Stop: Grants
0 miles
Total miles: 377

If three zeros in three weeks is unprecedented then two zeros in a row will make headlines. The day starts with cold rain plus Beads is not feeling well. It’s snowing up in the mountains where we are headed over 8000 ft. Checkout time comes and we anti up for another night.

I finish my food prep and get everything ready to hit the trail. Beads endures kidding about her scab-like cornflake snack. Hiker Lint stops by to say hi. By midday the weather is much improved but we hunker inside and watch movies. HBO Bessie is the bomb.

4 thoughts on “Day 22: Scab Snack

  1. Got caught up on your grand adventure today. Great reading as usual. Had me looking at maps to better visualize those exotic locations. How many people can say they spent the night in an outhouse? That’s pretty exotic if not downright bizarre. And then there’s Pie Town. My kinda place for sure! Had to Wikipedia that one! Now their annual pie festival is on my bucket list! Will the Elvis Room in Grant be?–maybe not, but a pretty singular experience, no doubt. Good place to play “Heartbreak Hotel”, I guess. Or maybe the heartbreak hotel was the one across the street–can’t believe them calling you at nine to remind you of the 10 am checkout–grrrr! Hoping the lightning of joyful serendipity keeps on striking: you and the perfectly timed offer of hot chocolate in the middle of nowhere on a bone chilling night, a clean outhouse on a cold night, you and the Bunyan-and-wife encounter, and so on…

    Wishing you all good things in the miles ahead!

    Love from Bob and Emi

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