Day 30: New Shoes, Movie Day and Monk Beer

May 24
Start: Ghost Ranch
Stop: Ghost Ranch
0 miles
Total miles: 538

It’s raining. Again. Before breakfast I Wi-Fi it up and post journals and pictures. Before I know it I’ve missed nearly half of breakfast. I race over and inhale food. I stuff myself on some breaded meat egg dish, scrabbled eggs, bagel, fruit, coffee and some yogurt and muffins to go.

Back at the cafe/welcome desk I sort my resupply box which has new shoes and insoles. After one month I’m already onto my second pair of each. The guys who are going to head into Taos in a couple days hike out and I almost trick myself into thinking I’m going with them. I get as far as the library where there are maybe 15 hikers watching Jurassic Park. I soon settle in for a cozy afternoon.

Eventually there’s a beer run and we get to sample the local Abiquiu Monk Beer. Beads leaves for Wyoming because she has decided to flip up due to all the snow. After 500 miles together she doesn’t even hug me good bye. The evening is filled with great friends and conversation. PCT 2013 friends Banana Ripper and Song Bird just happen to be in town which is totally awesome. I head off to sleep in the laundry room but Fun Size convinces me to stay in their room. Somehow I end up with a spot in a comfy bed.

4 thoughts on “Day 30: New Shoes, Movie Day and Monk Beer

  1. Remember as a kid when you got new tennis shoes and it felt like you could suddenly jump and bounce higher? I bet having your new boots on is like that…..

  2. Hi — is this the Songbird from PCT 09′? She then carried a yukelele and sang like a bird! I will be leaving from Rawlins nirth with 6 others– if you flip, perhaps I will see you — we start on June 19–
    Take care!

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