Day 31: Big Snowy Mountains On The Horizon

May 25
Start: Ghost Ranch
Stop: near Mogotito
18 miles
Total miles: 556

The covers are only on me and hanging over the edge of the bed. Oops. Luckily Mountain Spice was warm enough. Breakfast. Final pack arranging. One last Wi-Fi. And we’re off. I hike out of Ghost Ranch with Focus, Bigfoot, Mountain Spice (PCT 2014), Fun Size (PCT 2013) and Fun Size’s little sister Shannon (her first day on trail). Immediately, a hail storm bombs us but it’s short.

We climb virtually all day through muck and mud and thunderstorms and sun. This is a great group of hikers. We don’t push crazy miles because of Shannon which is so dang nice. I chat with her a bit about her trip to Bolivia.

We find a great ridge camping spot all set up to watch the sunset. And then Shane, Patches and Delightful roll in and it’s group dinner time. Stories from Chama hiker celebration over the weekend. Camped near 9600 ft. with a breeze spells chilly.


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