Day 37: Pitch Perfect

May 31
Start/Stop: Pagosa Springs
0 miles

Pagosa Baking Company for hours. The first real coffee of this trip. Hefty breakfast burrito with local chorizo. Coffee, coffee and more coffee. It just feels so good to sit and hang.

Second breakfast back at the hotel. And then we stare at or phones for a while more. 2 pm is pitch perfect 2 movie time. After watching the same silent preview over and over, the audience starts to create its own sound effects. The laughs never end. We endlessly quote the movie all afternoon. Things like……
“I’m a free range pony. I’m a fire cracker (while you make sparkle fingers in the air).”
“Anyone have a wet wipe? Extra small T-shirt? I’ll just use the tent corner.”

Later on at Walmart, we hunt for pool toys aka snow toys. I buy some snow shorts (stay tuned) and little bobbles to attach my soon arriving ice axe, gaiters, microspikes, and snow shoes to my pack. Delusional dinner hunt finally nets us Chinese food with epic service. The days are starting to run together but I’m pretty sure we had some super dope sundaes back at or cabin home.

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