Day 46: Grand Layers

June 9
Start: Kaibab national forest
Stop: blm land near Zion national park

We’re up early and don’t really know what time it is. We head into the park and catch our first glimpses of the canyon. I am no longer one who has studied geology but has never seen the Grand Canyon. It’s unbelievable, unfathomable. The geologic wonder of exposed, untilted beds blows the mind. There are no words.

We drive along enjoying the many pullouts before the throngs of tourists invade. The Grand Canyon and all that it offers is big business.

We spend the afternoon driving to Zion National Park. We even cross over the Colorado River near Lees Ferry, where raft trips launch. Despite the drizzling weather, we find a sweet spot to camp on blm land.

Grand Canyon Layers:
Kaibab Formation
Toroweap Formation
Coconino Sandstone
Hermit Formation
Esplanade Sandstone
Wescogame Formation
Manakacha Formation
Watahomigi Formation
Redwall Limestone
Temple Butte Formation
Muav Limestone
Bright Angel Shale
Tapeats Sandstone
Grand Canyon Supergroup
Vishnu Basement Rocks

Grand Canyon Brewing

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