Day 47: Where Zion Angels Land

June 10
Start: blm land near Zion national park, ut
Stop: cedar creek, ut
5 miles
Total miles: 683

Under misty skies we slowly make our way through Zion National Park to the visitors center. Could this place really be more spectacular than the Grand Canyon? Maybe it’s because we’re down in this beast, getting to see the twisted layers up close. We try to hold our breath through the tunnel blasted into sandstone but it’s too long. Every now and then there’s a window in the tunnel and you can see the epicness.

We finally come around to the decision to do the Angels Landing hike. It’s listed as strenuous and I’m feeling lazy. Oh well. We’re all in and we pack our backpacks. There’s a bazillion people headed up the climb. We pass them one by one. The tourist gear is so clean.

Touristas climbing up

We climb and climb. Up the Walter’s Wiggles (lots of short switchbacks) and then ascend via the chained route to the top. A good place to test your fear of heights. The sun finally comes out and the canyon colors really pop. The pudgy chipmunks and squirrels at the top scurry around getting food from the stupid humans that feed them.
Yes, up to the top of that rock!

We descend quickly, unleashing our ninja moves. Once back to the valley floor we head back to the truck for lunch. Post lunch mission is history museum, ice cream at the lodge and gift shop. And then we hit the road in search of the next camping spot. We can’t access some nearby forest service land so we end up in Cedar Creek at a KOA. Turns out that 30 Pack (owner of Backcountry Ninjas) is hangin’ nearby and swings by with beers. So great to see that guy and get caught up on his adventures.

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