The Trail Dance – Chama Anyone?

June 21
It seems unfathomable that I’m gratefully vegging out in front of a tv during the summer solstice. For me it’s a day that resonates with being outdoors. I mean, it’s Naked Hiking Day for gosh sake. It also seems unfathomable that I’m in California and not hiking the mountains of Colorado at this very moment. But this summer, I submit my days and nights to the fickle will of nature.

The many feet of the CDT are ready for more.
The trip home has been good though. Explore Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks. Visit with family and kitties. Eat fresh berries from the garden. Help with the remodel. Watch movies and Giants baseball. Feel a little warmth on my skin.

Good news abounds. I have made plans to return to the CDT. I will fly to Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 30th and then bus up to ………… you guessed it, Chama. Because Chama, NM is my trail vortex. And because there is a free bus between Santa Fe and Chama. Chama will be that word that makes me twitch, not too far ahead of the word snowshoe. I will have my work cut out for me with approximately 2,100 miles to cover in three months. That breaks down to 700 miles/month. If I take one zero day every two weeks, I will have to average 25 miles/day in order to reach Canada by the end of September. Weather permitting, I’m confident that I can make it. But don’t forget too quickly about mother nature, because she will have her way.

New Mexico Stats:
Miles: 638
Days: 35
Zeros (no miles): 6
Neros (10 miles or less): 2
Average Daily Mileage (including zeros): 18.3
Average Daily Mileage (excluding zeros): 22
Days with precipitation: 15 (includes 2 zeros)
Mornings with frozen shoes: 2
Days with wet feet most/all of the day: 11

I want to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement! The emails, the blog comments, the love, the package mailing, the trail binge and hikefor/ThyCa donations. You motivate my every step so please keep it coming!

EVERY STEP. From This…….

near the southern terminus
near the southern terminus

To This…

Gila River
Gila River

To This….

Before Cuba
Before Cuba

To This…..

On the approach to Ghost Ranch.
On the approach to Ghost Ranch.

To This….

Break time in the snow (me on the left)
Break time in the snow (me on the left)

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