Day 48 and Beyond: Where Is My Path?

Miles?? That’s the question. How long will I be off trail? Until there’s miles to write about, I’ve got to suspend this daily thing. Aside from the few days I dragged myself through the snow, I haven’t really hiked in two weeks. Too long. 700 miles of calluses and muscles are going soft. My tan is fading.

The Crux. The desire to hike is real and present. The question for me is where to do this hiking. Do I return to the CDT hiking NoBo although it’s possible that winter snow will fall before I reach Canada? Do I jump on the PCT instead and finish the CDT another year? What do y’all think? Stayed tuned my friends and thanks for all the support!

June 11
Cedar Creek, UT to Three Island Crossing State Park aka Glenns Ferry, ID

June 12
Three Island Crossing State Park aka Glenns Ferry, ID to Bend, OR

June 13
Bend, OR
Yeah for good Beer!
Yummy Thai food cart.
And a huge thanks to the Clawson Family!

June 14
Bend, OR to Eugene, OR
Maggie kisses.
Truck cleaning.
Warm summer breezes.

June 15
Eugene, OR
Zone out.
Weed pulling.
Hawks win.

June 16
Eugene, OR to California on Amtrak Train

June 17
SF to Smart’s Mountain

6 thoughts on “Day 48 and Beyond: Where Is My Path?

  1. Congratulations on all your terrific efforts! I made a Tribute Donation to ThyCa in honor of you and all that you have accomplished. All best wishes, whatever you decide.

  2. If winter is not yet here, why not continue north on the cdt until you get to the end, or until you actually can’t go any farther. Who knows when the snow will actually fall. Might as well give it a shot. I don’t understand the hardships that have lead to your cross roads, I hope you make the best decision, whatever that is for you.

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