Training: April 10 – 16

Week Total: 20.1

April 10 ~ 2 miles
I push out in a sad stupor, kinda bleary from a tramatic day at the dentist. $1700 of unexpected work hits the budget HARD. I do my loops around the reservoir which don’t really register as all my focus is on sending Cherub a WhatsApp message. I’m grateful for the distraction.

some chickens to cheer me up

April 11 ~ 0 miles
It’s raining, I go to the dentist (again), I pack resupply boxes, and I watch the SF Giants lose. Packing resupply boxes is a chore but not overwhelming. It’s a skill that one crafts and hones on trail. I have all the food, it’s just a matter of getting it separated into boxes.

It goes from this

to this (the recycle pile)

to this (9 resupply boxes + extra food and “might need” stuff)

And here’s a sample of a finalized 4 day resupply

April 14 ~ 5 miles
I’m not sure where the week has gone but the sun is out and I am newly inspired to get in my miles. After a morning of gear and resupply prep, I am finally ready. A mile into my hike I come upon an egg in the middle of the road. 100 feet farther there’s another egg. A google search confirms my suspicion of turkey egg. There’s been a lone female hanging out and we had a nice conversation the other day in the front yard. Did I arrange a special egg delivery? Because it isn’t a nest situation, I pick up the eggs. If I don’t move them they’ll get run over by the next passing car. I nestle them in a safe spot off the side of the road.
I head towards the bottoms, thinking of big miles as I incessantly look for more eggs. Birds sing Easter fanfare as I’m literally on a wild egg hunt. But my stomach gurgles and aches so I stop about 2 miles in for a break. I don’t really want to get farther away from home while feeling shitty so I turn around and head back. As I climb back up the mountain, I stop and pack up the two turkey eggs. Turkey egg omelet anyone? I seem to be feeling better so I add an extra climbing loop to round out the miles.

California had forgotten that this kind of green existed

I have a feeling that the poison oak is going to be prolific this year!

April 15 ~ 13 miles
Ok, today is the day. The last sunny day for who knows how long. My gear is ready and I head out to the bottoms in search of miles. I move quickly and take a break along a quiet part of Robinson Creek after 7.5 miles. The sun on my skin feels good. It’s been too long. It’s 2000 feet of climbing back home and most of that’s in the last 4 miles. The afternoon turns gray as the next storm front moves in. I have 18 miles on my brain but afternoon storm-prep chores beckon.

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