Training: April 3 – 9

Week Total: 8
For pics and stories about why I didn’t get hikes in everyday, visit my Instagram.

April 3 ~ 1.8 miles
I sit down on the front deck recliner and it’s just so nice out. I just want to keep sitting here, so I do. What would make this view even better? How about a Lagunitas Sucks beer? Check. And then reality clicks in and I crush 1.8 miles as darkness falls.

April 5 ~ 1 mile
I feel blah. Most likely a touch of allergies. But I embrace the sneeze and go visit the beautiful cherry blosoms in the orchard. I have to save what little energy I have for washing those 14 dozen eggs.

April 7 ~ 3.1 miles
It’s a 4am start to get to San Francisco before the masses. I stretch my legs on the hike up to UCSF. The timing is perfect as I visit the Parnassus lab, radiology for my next ultrasound and then my Endocrinologist. Initial results are looking good. 10 year survivor! Because I’ve got a little extra time, I park near the Golden Gate Bridge and hoof a mile out and back. If it wasn’t for the thoughts of traffic, I would go the whole way. It’s not until I get off the bridge that I realize how damn loud it is out there. But really, what a cool training hike!

April 9 ~ 2 miles
It’s not really hiking but this includes all my chores for the day and a trip up to the reservoir just to breathe some fresh air.

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