Day 3: A Fox and an ElliptiGO

Thursday, April 27
Start: Lower Meadow Morris Spring
Stop: Pioneer Picnic Area
13.79 miles

The wind rips all night. The vortex of wind is easily a sustained 20-30 mph. My tent sways to and fro as I toss and turn. It’s only a few miles into Mt. Laguna so I sleep in until 6am. Bear update comes in from Lil’ Buddha and the bear out smarted the culvert trap. USDA will bring out a bigger trap today and fingers crossed that tonight is the last sleepless night for Lil’ Buddha.

The Mt. Laguna Pine House Cafe opens at 920am and while we wait, I help Tori with a pack shakedown. All the hikers feast on fritatta, pancakes, coffee and a breakfast double ipa beer for me. Next stop is the gear shop where I buy some probars before heading up to the store for more resupply. Despite the blah feeling of the heat, Tori, Julie, Maria and me head out to make some miles. After five miles and a nice break, we spot a fox in the distance. Moments later a woman goes zipping up the road adjacent to the trail on an elliptiGO and “what the hell is that?” erupts from my mouth. I’ve never seen anything like it and to me it’s something from another world. In just moments we’ve seen two worlds and the resulting laughter is the best.

As the sky darkens and the wind picks up, we crush the last 5 miles into Pioneer. We hunker behind shrubs for a little protection from the wind.

Don’t forget my instagram for more pics.

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