Day 4: Up and Around and Around

Friday, April 28
Start: Pioneer Picnic
Stop: Scissors Crossing Valley
21.82 miles

One by one we roll out of Pioneer as the sky colors up. It’s just so perfect out and I’m truly happy to be here in this moment. I’m flying down the trail, smiling at the beauty around me. I listen to some tunes as the sun makes long shadows on the trail.

On trail water saves a trip for off trail water at the Sunrise Trailhead. This also means that I have to pass up the trail magic there. I heard some hikers went there and never came back. Not far after I have cell service and I chat with Lil’ Buddha. The bear has wisened up and did not return. The day is warming up and the meandering trail is exposed and rocky. I drag myself until I find my peeps Tori, Maria (trail name YoooBee), Julie, and Chance who are huddled under a shrub. I squeeze in too as it’s the only shade we’ve seen in miles. 

We finish the drop into Chariot Canyon and then I haul myself up and out and around forever and forever. I arrive at Rodriguez Road hot and thirsty and the tank is empty. Luckily I get a liter+ from the empty tank by waiting on some drip, drip, drips. After a few hours of rest we push out for what becomes a grueling trudge. The heat, the ups and downs and the no rhythm trail is more than I can handle but regardless we push on because there are no campsites. We drop into the desert valley and camp in the first sandy spot we find. I scoop out the perfect bed and sleep so well.

One thought on “Day 4: Up and Around and Around

  1. Way to go Lionheart! I look forward to following your northbound progress through the desert and Sierras and hope you remain safe and healthy throughout your journey. I’m a big fan of your story and writing (we’ve met in Etna a couple of times) and I really want an easy trek for you in this challenging year of precipitation throughout our beautiful state. Hope to ‘angel’ for you somewhere between Kennedy Meadows/Sonora Pass and Chester sometime this summer! – TA ‘Norcal Jimbo’

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