Days 25 – 29: The Five Zeros

Wednesday, May 30 – Sunday, June 4

Five days of fun things like:
Shopping at Goodwill for town clothes
Going out to dinner in said town clothes
Buddha finding a mall bear he could ride
Fruit flies in wine and free drinks
Renting a car to drive to LA
Going to REI
Attending a private Opus Orange concert in a downtown LA loft
Watching the Warriors win the first two NBA Finals games
Visiting with my Aunt Mare, Tom and family.
Eating good food
Drinking good beer
Sleeping in a comfy bed
Being out of the heat
Thank you Aunt Mare for taking such good care of us!

The triumphant Lil’Buddha
When things get a little weird at a downtown LA restaurant
Fine dinning Fun!
Warm flourless chocolate oozing cake with gelato
Opus Orange loft concert
Opus Orange Playlist
downtown LA
Yummy IPAs, Thank you Mare!

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