Day 30: The Reluctant Return

Monday, June 5
Start: Canyon Country
Stop: ridge top, mile 462.29
5.63 miles

We run errands all morning going to the library, UPS store and USPS. The library was cool but they made us sign up for a membership card and then they wouldn’t let me borrow a pair of scissors. Kinda strange. A complete opposite experience at the UPS Store where the ladies were friendly AND helpful. 

I’m tired and I try to rest in the afternoon but I can’t quite fall asleep. I’m filled with dread for the trail. I know I need to go but I do not want to go. I’m simply over the heat and the trail culture and there’s no simpler way to say it. I want to get in trail shape so that I can do other hiking but this trail right now is sheer torture. If there was somewhere to go and hike that wasn’t so hot I’d do it. 

Aunt Mare drives us to the trail head and we’re hiking by 5pm. Even though it’s “cooler” out I immediately turn into a sweat monster on the climb. My arms glissen with sweat and after my eyebrows fill, sweat cascades into my eyes and it stings. I decide to split up the resupply box going to Kennedy Meadows and so I call my Mom. It contains stuff for both Buddha and I. We get it all sorted out and they will mail them separately. That way if I decide not to continue, Lil’ Buddha will still have his stuff.

The glissen
Less than thrilled about this “heat”
The sea of grass climb out of Agua Dulce

A slight breeze blows over the ridge and it feels heavenly. We camp there even though it’s probably a bad idea. There’s sure to be many people hiking by during the night. I enjoy leftover pizza dinner and open a real nice card from Mare.

Approaching the ridgetop and the end of the climb
Pastel sunset over the valley

And the last three videos from the Unogwaja Challenge and my hero Cherub!

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

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