Day 19: The Narrows

May 13
Start: Armijo trailhead
Stop: Acoma-Zuni trailhead
24 miles
Total miles: 356

“Is there a Jennifer Claire Smart here?”, Shane asks as he walks up. It’s weird to hear my real name but this is how one gets their wallet back. I admit it, I’m Jennifer Claire Smart. Shane tells me that my wallet is heavy. It must have fallen out of my jacket pocket in Pie Town. Thank you Shane and the hiker world!

We get a late start and the first miles are sandy and slow. After climbing up and out of the Armijo Canyon we’re back on a jeep road until we hit hwy 117. 13 miles by 1pm. We get worried about our water source but soon find the solar pumping gold mine down the road.

Lunch is followed by walking on the edge of hwy 117. Eventually we hit the narrows which is the highlight of the day. The sandstone statutes are incredible. We even pass one of New Mexico’s largest natural arches , La Ventana. We would have pushed a few more miles but foot-killing lava lies ahead. And our feet are already pummeled from the highway walk.

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