Day 20: Walk The Line

Start: Acoma-Zuni Trailhead
Stop: Grants
21 miles
Total miles: 377

It’s a 5:20 am wake up for the 6 am road walk. It’s not very long before I put the tunes in. We crush the first 8.5 miles by 9am. Luckily, the skies are covered with clouds and the temps are cool.

15 miles and cushy gas station chairs by 12 pm. It’s warm in the gasmart and I briefly fall asleep. Foot is back on the road by 1 pm for the last 6 miles into town. We walk the old route 66. I drag myself the last miles. We come to a burger joint and inhale food.

Just down the street is the Southwest Motel where we get a room. The shower is luke warm and I end up with the shivers. Beads and I zone out on the TV, mouth gaping open. We literally can not move from the bed so we order delivery pizza hut. They arrive in no time and we eat a whole pizza and swizzle good beer. We pass out, dead to the world.

21 miles of white line

One thought on “Day 20: Walk The Line

  1. Jennifer,

    I just love your spirit!!! You go girl! The damper on the day was the ‘lukewarm’ water for sure. Amp it up. hugs and angel hugs, MOM

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