Day 21: Elvis Room

Start: Grants Southwest Motel
Stop: Grants Sands Motel
0 miles
Total miles: 377

Three zeros in three weeks is unprecedented. But once I tell Beads about the snow up north we decide that slowing down a tad and taking a day here in Grants is just what the trail gods ordered.

At 9:10am the room phone rings.
“I want to remind you about the 10am checkout time,” states the owner of the motel.
“Yes, we know,” I respond with rolling eyes.
With this, Beads and I are prompted to go across the street and check out the Sands Motel. Our first question is about hot water. We’re quickly convinced that the Sands is a way better place and we pay for the Elvis Room which will be ready for us in an hour!

And so it turns out that Elvis and Priscilla were married in Vegas. On the first night of their road trip home, they stayed in this very room. The room is full of Elvis pictures and even a certified copy of their marriage certificate. It’s good to get classy every now and then.

I talk to my parents, do my laundry by hand, do a little gear cleanup and repair, drink beer, eat Mexican food, buy Shane some wallet-returning-thank you beers, watch TV, eat pizza.

And that’s a full day in Grants.

A few days ago I was strutting down the road after the La Ventana Arch and I got a text message from my pct mentee Allie, trail name Rally. There I was walking down the road, tunes in the ears and texting. She’s totally crushin’ it on the pct and has covered over 500 miles now. Her words made my day (my comments blue, hers red). Thanks Rally!

It's the little things that put a spring in your step

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